Off to College!

Finishing high school is a big deal - and your dream of becoming a Wildcat is one we want to support you through! If you have not already submitted an application for admission to the UA, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible. When you are submitting your application, you will be asked to pay an application processing fee - DON'T WORRY! We accept fee waivers! Ask your high school counselor for more information. For a more complete view of the application process for incoming freshmen visit the How to Apply First Year section on the Admissions website!

No matter where you are at in the enrollment process, if you need extra support or guidance, click on the red join button at the top right of this window. We recognize that it may feel overwhelming to apply for admission to the university and you may have adults in your life that are telling you that you are not ready or capable of being successful at the UA... that can make applying even more stressful. Our Fostering Success team is here to help! You never know until you try... and we are all about finding a path for you that fits your needs. Every application is reviewed based on academic factors, extracurricular factors, and your personal statement.

All the excitement about applying for the UA is probably sinking in by now... the next step is to get your financial aid squared away. If you're curious about how much it will cost to become a UA student, check out our Net Price Calculator for an estimate. We wouldn't start leaving you in the dark at this point. Our office of Scholarships & Financial Aid is here to help with the process of figuring out your funding. If you'd like a step-by-step guide to applying for financial aid, it's available for you at anytime.

Get ahead and apply for New Start!

New Start is a 6 week summer program and part of the UA tradition of getting off to a great start!

Apply For New Start

Eligibility requirements

  • You are a first-time freshman who has graduated/will graduate from high school during the 2018-19 academic year and has not attended college; concurrently enrolled students may apply.
  • You have been admitted to the University of Arizona and plan to enroll during the 2019 Fall semester in at least 6 units (half-time).
  • You have completed and submitted all required New Start documentation by the required dates and deadlines. Arizona residents must complete both the 2018-19 and 20189-20 FAFSA forms by May 15 in order to receive reduced fees and tuition. (NOTE: UA's priority deadline for the 2019-20 FAFSA is March 1).

In New Start

  • you'll earn 6-7 units of academic credit, putting you a half a semester ahead of other incoming freshmen
  • get connected on campus by meeting other students, discovering all the UA has to offer
  • network with peer advisors, resident assistants, tutors, staff and faculty for crucial advice and mentoring

Fostering Success students that qualify for ANY AMOUNT of the summer Pell Grant will be able to attend New Start at no cost to the student. Click to learn more about the New Start Pell Promise! The application to participate in New Start is open now... apply before May 8th to secure your spot in this opportunity! For more information about New Start, go to

GED Earners Welcome!

Students that obtained a GED instead of a high school diploma are encouraged to apply for admission. To be eligible for admission without any additional credits earned from another accredited college or university, you must demonstrate that you scored a minimum of 170 on each content area of the GED exam. To learn more about how to submit your test scores visit the How to Apply Test Scores section on the Admissions website!

If you were previously enrolled at the UA and need to apply for re-admission, visit the How to Apply Returning Students section on the Admissions website!


Getting on track and staying on track!

Sometimes the hardest part of college can be figuring out how to figure it all out! Here are a few tips we've learned along the way and want to pass along to you to get yourself as prepared as possible to start off your college experience in the best way possible!

  • Take notes while you read and while you are in lectures helps commit that information to your memory.
  • Go to office hours! - You'll get to know you professors and get clarification on class material and expectations too!
  • Plan out how you're going to tackle completing all of those assignments and projects using the Assignment Scheduler tool.
  • Master your time management skills! Finding a healthy balance between all of your obligations, social time and sleep can be difficult.
  • If you are participating in Fostering Success, take advantage of our resources and supports- that's what we are here for!
  • Don't stress out if you don't have it all together - talk to your campus supports about your struggles honestly and openly. They may not be able to fix anything for you, but they will listen and provide guidance where they can.
  • Check out the Advising Resource Center for First-Year Students for info on academic success and achievement, the difference between high school and college, first-year colloquia coursesmajor exploration, and student engagement & career development.
  • Are you going to major in Science, Engineering, or Math? ASEMS is here to support you!! Check them out and apply!