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Fostering Success strives to see each University of Arizona student that does not have a natural support system persevere by connecting them with basic needs. The following are some of the projects we are working on and could use your help with. Please note that the graphics displaying potential gift options represent the various options equal to the value shown and do not represent that total combined impact of that amount.


Students who live on campus have a 50% higher 4-year graduation rate and higher GPAs

Living on campus has been shown to have a positive impact for college students. The University of Arizona offers 23 residence halls and plenty of support in deciding which is the best choice for each student. Housing is a particularly tough barrier for Fostering Success students to overcome, as many feel they cannot or should not live on campus in an effort to save money. Many students that live on campus are in need of additional funding to help cover the cost of summer and winter break housing. Preventing a student from being homeless during school breaks is approximately $3,000 per year and approximately $9,000 for year-round housing. We are seeking support to fill the gaps in housing funding for our students and to end the cycle of homelessness for students.


"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one" -Mother Teresa

Not having enough food can quickly result in a student taking shifts at work that conflict with their school schedule, or not being able to concentrate in class. Fostering Success students experience food insecurity at higher rates than other populations and do not have a safety net to fall back on for support. Our Campus Pantry is available to students, however, the demand far exceeds the supply. For just $300 we can provide one hot meal every day for an entire month to a Fostering Success student. For every $9,000 donated, we can support 4 students with the purchase of the Wildcat Copper Meal Plan!

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Hygiene Items

Many of our students are employed and are only in need of hygiene supplies on a very temporary basis. The difference in having the very basics that most of us don't think twice about is also the difference in a student having the courage to attend classes and participate in extra opportunities alongside their peers. Fostering Success students are responsible for providing for all of their own needs and alleviating the pressure of having to choose between being hygenic and eating can be debilitating. The cost of providing a student with hygiene items is approximately $25 per month. That means for every $100 we receive, we are able to supply 4 students with full size hygiene items such as soap, toothpaste, shampoo, and much more! Donations of unopened hygiene items are also accepted by Fostering Success.

School Supplies

The estimated cost for books and supplies is approximately $800 per student each year. Many of our Fostering Success students receive scholarships and grants that go toward the cost of tuition, however, for those that have gone through the college the experience can attest, tuition is only a small portion of what a student has to financially cover in order to be successful. It can be an overwhelming barrier to face the challenge of covering the cost of required textbooks and specialty course supplies after financial aid is applied toward tuition, mandatory fees, and other college-related expenses.

Many of our students qualify for enough financial aid to pay for a portion of their course supplies, however, gaps in funding lead to students in classes without the necessary tools to be successful in those classes. Any amount of support is appreciated in assisting students with the purchase of required classroom supplies.




For the many Fostering Success students that live off campus due to the cost and complexity of living on campus year-round, barriers to reliable, safe transportation to school and work are frequently encountered. Students have the option to purchase reduced price public transportation passes through the University's Parking and Transportation services. Supporting our fund to assist with costs of purchasing a pass for public transportation so they able to consistently attend classes and travel to and from work ensures students are afforded the opportunities to be successful in both. For every $1,000 donated, 10 students will have access to public transportation.


Thinking even bigger!

Join Fostering Success in realizing a future of higher impact and equity for students


Room 2 Succeed Scholarships

By now you know that assisting students with basic needs are a high priority for our program. If a student doesn't have a safe place to sleep, they are likely not succeeding in the classroom. If a student cannot afford to eat regularly, they are likely not succeeding academically.

Our Room 2 Succeed Scholarship fund encompasses year-round campus housing, access to public transportation, a student meal plan, and emergency funding for students that need assistance with educational, career, and health-related expenses.

$20,000 per year will provide 1 student with year-round stability and support to work toward earning their bachelor's degree.








Location is Everything!

Thrive Center is a space shared by several programs, including Fostering Success, dedicated to supporting students that have historically been marginalized in higher education. Our core program value is to provide a space for students to gather and create a community for learning, resource sharing, and developing a true sense of belonging at the University of Arizona. Developing this culture of belonging within the Fostering Success community requires a separate space for students to build community, receive mentoring, and access academic, economic, and health-related resources and support.

Gifts to establish a Fostering Success Student Center are appreciated and can be directed through the University of Arizona Foundation.