Fostering Success Program Overview

Fostering Success is a peer-mentoring based campus community for students that are or have been in foster care, are struggling with homelessness or housing insecurity, and for those that are considered unaccompanied youth (18-24 years of age and not connected to or supported by a parent or guardia). Our program began in its pilot phase with a small cohort of students in Fall 2017 and officially launched in Fall 2018. While our primary goal is to support UA students through their journey of earning a degree, we strive to reach out to high school students across the state of Arizona to discuss college for their future. Service providers and state sponsored support systems for youth experiencing foster care and homelessness are generally overwhelmed, understaffed and concerned with the most basic needs of each youth they serve. Fostering Success is available to help fill the gaps in knowledge about pursuing a college degree for these youth and their supports.

We provide a space for each individual to be heard, to learn, and to grow in the way that suits them best. Each Fostering Success community member is connected with a peer mentor that works one-on-one with them toward individual academic, career, and social goals and to help them overcome their own unique barriers and capitalize on their unique strengths. Our most fundamental objective is to connect our students with the campus and broader community resources that could make the difference in their ability to be successful as a college student. Fostering Success participants are also invited to participate in leadership roles within the program and grow into peer mentors if they choose.

It is our sincere commitment to empower each student to realize the transformative and equalizing value of education and to welcome them into the Wildcat Family. BEAR DOWN!

If you are a UA student, or interested in becoming a UA student and would benefit from guidance and support from the Fostering Success team, please click on the red join button on the top right of this screen. If you are a UA staff or faculty member or a supportive adult working with a student that would benefit from Fostering Success support, please refer to the CONTACT US link in the "About" menu. A staff member will follow up with you after receiving your information.